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> Special Discount Offer – Get Up To 20% Off!

Special Discount Offer – Get Up To 20% Off!

Thank you for watching our webinar “Islamic Psychology: The Dodo Bird Revival” with Dr. G. Hussein Rassool, head of the Department of Psychology at the Islamic Online University (IOU). We hope you found it beneficial, Insha’allah.

This webinar was a teaser of the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at IOU. If you enjoyed what you heard and are interested in learning more, we are offering you a special discounted offer to enroll as a new student in IOU’s Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (BSc PSY), as announced during the webinar.

Based upon high demand, our previous 3-day limited time offer that was exclusive to only webinar registrants has been extended and is now open to the public.

In this degree you’ll learn:

  • Psychology through an Islamic Lens
  • The history of our heritage is psychology
  • Why understanding Islamic psychology is much needed for the Ummah
  • And much, much more!

In order to redeem this special offer, you can follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Select your country of residence from the drop down list below.
  2. Select either the 8 semesters payment button for a 20% discount, or the 4 semesters payment button for a 15% discount, or the 2 semesters payment button for a 10% discount. Remember, this offer will expire at midnight on the 23rd of September.
  3. Follow the registration link on the following page to begin your enroll process, as the Fall semester began on the 1st of September and will closes soon.

This offer has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so buy NOW with no-risk!

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[offer_stripe name=’Islamic Online University’ description=’PSY Offer (4)’ form=’10534′ no_of_sem=’4′ discount=’0.85′ button_name=’psy_offer_2′ button_label=’Pay for 4 semesters (15% discount)’][/offer_stripe]

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Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is only applicable to students who are newly joining the Islamic Online University this Fall 2018 semester and isnt applicable to students who joined in previous semesters.
  • This offer is not applicable to additional semesters that a student may take in order to complete the degree, like in the case of failing a semester. Additional semesters will be charged at the normal semester registration fee.
  • Fees, once paid, is non transferable and non adjustable either in part or in full under any circumstances.
  • If the student withdraws admission during his/her academic tenure, fees paid for the remaining semesters would not be refunded.
  • The fees package is NOT inclusive of graduation fees and any other fees applicable for availing paid academic services of the University.
  • The fees package is NOT inclusive of any academic penalties levied during the course of studies of the applicant.
  • Unused registration fees of semesters could not be applied to avail any academic services or against academic penalties
  • Student would be allowed to take only upto 6 courses in a given semester for the semester fees paid under this package.
  • This package is NOT applicable for Dual Program students. 

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