1 Million Scholarships Project for Africans

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Offline Donations

Even without a credit or debit card, you can still donate.

Legacy Donation

We accept donations as part of a donor’s will and testament. Such donations, termed bequeathments, play a significant role in allowing 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project to support young people who have suffered the loss of a parent. Donors are free to specify their bequeathment for a specific cause, such as the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project and we also gladly accept bequeathments in the form of land, property, or financial assets.

In accordance with our belief in ‘continuous charity’, your financial aid will be given out to support the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project. Your donation will be invested in a project that will guarantee your donation is back so that other orphan, poor and needy students may achieve their goal of obtaining a university degree. This means that your donations will be used again and again for decades, supporting the futures of hundreds of young people–a true legacy.

You will be receiving the reward forever according to the Hadith of the Prophet. On the authority of Abu Hurairah (ra) that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said, ‘When a person dies, his deeds come to an end except for three: Sadaqah Jariyah (a continuous charity), or knowledge from which benefit is gained, or a righteous child who prays for him’. (Muslim)

Equipment Donation

Establishing a learning center is one of our success factors. If you have Computers, Printers, Copiers, books, or any equipment that you would like to donate to IOU 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project in any of our Project implementation countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone or Uganda, kindly get in contact with that country’s office to enquire or send an email to 1mas-coordinatingteam@iou.edu.gm

Through our operations, we have discovered that underprivileged African students cannot afford computers or internet connections and in many areas even access to stable electricity is a challenge. To enable these scholarship students to study, IOU has set up learning centers in several countries by renting premises or partnering with existing Islamic organisations. For learning centers that IOU has setup, it has equipped them with computers, desks, chairs, generators, etc. and students not only get to study the degree program free of cost, but they also get to use the facilities at these centers totally free of charge

Waqf/Corporate Donation

We welcome donations from families, companies and employees who wish to make a collective donation to the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project, either as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign or simply philanthropy

Proportional donation

Donating either a fixed amount, or a set percentage of profits/sales revenue to the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project every year is welcome.

Employee-employer matched donation

Through this system, for each donation that an employee makes to the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project, an equivalent-value donation will be made by the company or employee union.

Online donation/matching

IOU runs a number of fundraising campaigns online. A company or individual who wants to make this type of donation can donate via any IOU online payment platforms using their credit card points raised on company credit cards to the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project, or alternatively make a matched donation for each donation of points made by its customers or employees.

Student sponsorship

This enables organizations, families and individuals to directly donate to the tuition of a number of 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project students. A major expenditure for the 1 Million Scholarship Project for Africa Project is in the tuition of each student. Student sponsorship donations are fundamental to the longevity of the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project Africa and are an opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the life of a future leader.

In-kind donations

The 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project’s goal is to change the life of its students. We therefore welcome the support of organizations in the form of expertise in their respective fields and internship opportunities for our students through the Community Service Program.

Our activities necessitate physical items for our students as well as the information and coordination to operate across Africa. Irrespective of your area of operation, we welcome your support in the form of the service or product you provide. For more details on what we need, please contact us directly via 1mas.supervisor@iou.edu.gm.

Representatives are free to contact the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project 1mas.supervisor@iou.edu.gm for further information about how companies and organizations can support 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project

Street Fundraising

You can of course make your donation any time you see our representative organizing fundraising events in Africa.