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Why partner with 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project?

The Cost of the Project

1 Million Scholarships For 10 English Speaking African Countries (Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Somalia, South Sudan)

20171,000$560,000 ($56,000 per country)
201810,000$5,600,000 ($560,000 per country)
2019100,000$56,000,000 ($5.6 Million per country)
20201,000,000$560,000,000 ($56 Million per country)

We look forward to a favorable response of wholehearted support for our dream which we have already launched in the 12 African countries and are about to deepen effort and expand the project to the rest of the countries in Africa.

Ground Realities

Most students in Africa do not have computers, electricity is erratic and the internet is very expensive. That problem will be solved by setting up learning centers with computer labs, and internet connectivity in collaboration with the governments, NGOs, philanthropies and other charitable organizations.

Thanks to the generous supporters of the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project, we have come this far through YOUR contributions and we are more than happy to work with new organizations and individuals in the future.

For families and organizations that share our values and goals, here are a few ways to become a part of lasting change.

Effective philanthropy

Donating to the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project is a safe, practical way for an organization to showcase its commitment to sustainable development and educational access and fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility. The 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project has a celebrated history of receiving anonymous and public donations from donors of all sizes. This model of private philanthropy has been central to the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project’s ability to help more than 95,000 students access higher education.

With your support, the 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project can enable underprivileged, orphaned students to make their dreams come true and break out of intergenerational poverty.