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> Code of Conduct for Students

Code of Conduct for Students

By signing up in IOU, students agree to:

  1. help to establish and maintain a positive and supportive online learning environment;
  2. treat all other students, faculty and staff and their opinions with respect, sensitivity and politeness;
  3. be responsive on emails and discussion forums and participate to the best of their ability;
  4. complete all tasks and assignments on their own;
  5. complete all self-study tasks required of them on time;
  6. stick to topics during the live classes, events, webinars, coaching sessions and in discussion forums as their participation and conduct is monitored and assessed by the University;
  7. be on time for all live classes, events, webinars, and coaching sessions;
  8. communicate only in English at all times;
  9. be supportive and constructive when offering feedback to other students in collaborative group tasks; and,
  10. raise any concern that they have about other students, faculty or staff as per the grievance procedure outlined by the University.

By signing up in IOU, students agree not to: 

  1. share their username and password with anyone;
  2. use racist, abusive terms, swear words or language that may cause offence;
  3. attempt to contact their teachers except through the contact method given on the course pages;
  4. infringe copyright regulations;
  5. download, transmit and/or upload the provided course material to any other person, platform or website;
  6. post or upload anything off-topic, offensive, abusive or illegal on the discussion forums, live sessions or any other official forums;
  7. employ threatening behavior towards any student, staff or faculty;
  8. represent the university without being authorized to;
  9. use indecent or obscene language on emails;
  10. commit or involve in any act of deceit, fraud, or forgery with the university, students, staff or faculty;
  11. post or upload inappropriate messages, content, unauthorized advertising, promotional material, private programs or classes to the discussion forums, course site or the virtual classroom;
  12. cheat, fabricate, facilitate academic dishonesty, or plagiarism;
  13. discuss any controversial issues;
  14. violate any university policy; and,
  15. violate Islamic etiquettes.

Teaching and Community Service Work

With regards to the teaching and community service work, students are bound to follow the below policy: International Open University (especially BAIS & Global Quran Memorization Center) does not allow University members, e.g., its staff, students, and/or non-University members to offer or promote any kind of Quranic, Arabic, or other types of teaching on its onsite campuses / centers or by using University’s online platform. Conducting any teaching or coaching activity must need authorization from the IOU’s management. It is essential to maintain the integrity of the teaching and the quality of the instruction being provided by the IOU. As an international university, IOU requires that all instructors and faculty be well qualified, and the only way we can regulate this is to disallow all unapproved instruction / teaching, whether done on voluntarily or paid basis. Although, we understand that in a mosque setting or in a community center establishment these policies might be set by each institution and possibly allow for non-community members to provide any kind of instruction, our policy is to strictly disallow any non-authorized member of the University to provide any type of unapproved instruction to our student body so as to allow for high quality instruction and methodological transmission of knowledge. Furthermore, no advertisements for private classes should be posted on any of IOU’s social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages, WhatsApp groups, whether free of charge or with charge unless permission is given by IOU’s Heads of Department or respective Dean of the Faculty.