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Exam Helpdesk

A 24/7 Exam Help Desk has been set up by the IOU for the final exams. You may contact the Exam Help Desk any time during the exam period InshaAllah. The Exam Help Desk may be contacted by one of the following methods:

Live Chat Link:

You may chat with one of our help desk officers any time during the exam period from this page, inshaAllah.


You may email our help desk any time by emailing at during the exam period, inshaAllah.

What is the help desk for?

The help desk is meant primarily for resolving any issue that may arise if an exam attempt is interrupted due to internet / power failure and the center/proctor is facing any problem in resetting it.
You may also contact the help desk for any other issue or problem faced at the exam center.

Important points to note:
  1. There will be times when the live chat will be offline for short periods – prayer times etc. Please be patient at such times and call back after 15 to 30 mins.
  2. If the help desk chat is offline kindly keep on refreshing the link after every 5 min to get the updated status and be able to chat as soon as the officer is available.
  3. The live chat may go offline due to internet / power failure at our end. If the chat is not available for more that 30 mins you would need to call the help desk officer.
Reset by Proctors
  • If an exam attempt is interrupted due to internet/power failure or another valid reason the center/proctor can reset it for the student right from the center. Students will have to go to the following link and the reset will be done by the proctor
  • Student should not leave the exam center if the center/proctors are resetting the exam for him or her until he or she completes the exam in the second attempt.
  • Centers/Proctors can only do one reset for a student per course. If for any valid reason second attempt is needed then please contact the Exam Help Desk. (
  • An exam can only be reset if the exam was not submitted properly. If the exam was submitted fully the system will not allow the reset to be done from the center/proctor end.
  • Exam can only be reset by proctors within 3 hours of the attempt. If this time period has passed a reset request may be submitted to the Exam Help Desk ( via the procedure given below.
  • Please tell your center/proctor to contact the Exam Help Desk ( in case they are facing any problems in resetting the exam.
Reset by IOU Exam Helpdesk

In cases where the proctor is unable to reset himself, they may request the IOU Exam HelpDesk to do the reset

For this
  1. The student should request a reset for the final exam via the normal reset system
  2. The Proctor should send an email to the Exam Help Desk ( confirming that he/she feels the reset is deserved

At the request of the proctor the exam will be reset for the student by the help desk officer after due checking, inshaAllah.
The proctor/exam center should include the following details in the reset request email and should only email us by their official email ID which has already been submitted to IOU.

  1. Student’s full name
  2. Student’s IOU ID
  3. Student’s email address
  4. Course name
  5. Reason for requesting reset

Please note that the exam will only be reset if we will receive an email at from the proctor’s/center’s email ID which has been submitted and is recorded in our database. Emails sent from other IDs will not be entertained nor will the exam be reset on the basis of the request made on phone or live chat. The email from the email ID submitted in IOU records must accompany the phone / live chat request.