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How does it work?
  1. Fill out the Initial Online Intake to help us assess your needs and get matched to one of licensed therapists.
  2. A practitioner will be assigned to you and an email will be sent to you with next steps to take.
  3. An account will be created for you and you will receive an email with login information and a video on how to book your first online session.

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Offered Services

Online Consultation

Consultations can be very useful to help clients decide on which service would best fit current needs.  The client will book a 30 minutes session to enable us to have an effective consultation session.

Online Therapy  (Counseling/Clinical Psychotherapy) Services

Counseling treatment is meant to help people with their emotional issues, which can range in order of their severity or intensity. The main aim of this service of counseling is to change the quality of life by defining the path of life clearly, and bringing in more clarity. Whether it is the problem from childhood or adolescence years that the client is still facing, or more recent emotional stress due to troubled relationships, divorce, or loss of a loved one, a professional therapist can help the client revive their mental health through systematic counselling.  We offer effective forms of treatment including: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Schema Therapy; Interpersonal Therapy.

Online Clinical Assessments

Clinical assessment is a way of diagnosing and planning treatment for a patient, which involves evaluating someone in order to figure out what is going on. There are many types of psychological assessments, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses.  Our clinicians will be able to assess the clients by giving them the best assessment that would help in the diagnosis and treatment planning. We offer expert clinical assessments and diagnosis of mental health problems.

Career Guidance

Career guidance is focused on how individuals manage their journey through life, learning and work (career). This includes career exploration, making career choices, managing career changes, lifelong career development and dealing with other career related issues.

Online Coaching Services

Coaching is a process that can be offered in different situations and different environments based on the needs of the individual.  Coaching can help others to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve aims and manage life change and personal challenges. Coaching commonly addresses attitudes, behaviors, skills and knowledge, as well as career goals and aspirations, and can also focus on physical and spiritual development too.  It enables establishing an action plan and supporting you to implement the plan.

Online Executive & Leadership Coaching

We coach our clients to identify and build on areas of strength and improve their lower strengths, identify what is not working for them in their current approach, identify any blocks to achieving goals and help them to deal with those blocks, increase self-awareness, improve communication and engagement skills

Improve decision making skills, get the best from others, learn how to manage office politics, negotiate effectively, improve abilities in feedback and delegation, improve professional relationships with key stakeholders, become better leaders and managers, work out the best next step in their career and what they need to do to get there, manage stress effectively and improve resilience and EQ, and make an action plan and support them to implement the plan.


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