Associate of Arts In Education (AED)

Method: Online
PSY 101Islamic Psychology 101  None
AQD 101Aqeedah I (Usool al-Aqeedah)  None
EDU 103Subject Knowledge (Pedagogy)  None
ETH 101Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge 101  None
PSY 103Child Psychology  None
ARB 101Arabic Grammar I  None


EDU 104Classroom Management None
FQH 102Fiqh II (Ibaadaat)  None
EDU 105Professional Development None 
FQH 101Fiqh I (Math’habs)  None
EDU 106Differentiated Instruction  None
ARB 102Arabic Grammar IIArabic 101


EDU 303Measurement and Evaluation None
FQH 201Fiqh II (Mu’aamalaat I) None
EDU 302Educational Technology None
SER 101Seerah I (Prophetic Biography ) None
EDU 203History of Education None
ARB 201Arabic III (Grammar III) Arabic 102


AQD 102Aqeedah 102 None
FQH 202Fiqh 202 None
EDU 201Psychology of Education None
SER 102Seerah II (Prophetic Biography) Seerah 101
EDU 202Educational Administration None
EDU 306Comparative EducationNone 


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