Associate of Science in Psychology (APSY)

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Vision Statement

The Department of Psychology seeks to be an international front-runner in the provision of undergraduate and postgraduate education in psychological sciences. Our aspiration is to strengthen the theory and practice of psychological sciences at international levels through our innovative curriculum, scholarly contributions, and our rigorous preparation of reflective and critical thinkers, and practitioners.

Mission Statement

In accordance with the mission of the University, the Department of Psychology provides an enriched learning environment with a commitment to excellence in undergraduate and post-graduate psychological studies. The graduates of the University are expected to have the necessary knowledge, competence and ethical values committed to psychology and its application to real-world situations. Our educational programme provides a foundation for the scientific understanding of behaviour and human experiences by collaborative learning and scholarship among its undergraduates and guided by the core values of the University. Our psychology programme provides students with the education needed to enter a variety of careers or to pursue post graduate studies in psychology or related fields.

Department Values

We aim to promote intellectual excellence by maintaining high academic standards for undergraduate and post-graduate students. We expect the Department to be dedicated to exceptional helping, teaching, coaching and mentoring and support the dissemination of research. We aim to promote diversity of viewpoints and experiences and treat all individuals with dignity and respect. We aim to maintain an enriched and collaborative learning environment designed to enhance an individual’s personal and professional development.

The Associate Degree in Psychology is a two-year program that introduces students to the basic tenets of the field of psychology. It is not only beneficial for enhancing academic records or resume, but also a wonderful opportunity to expand the knowledge of psychology from an Islamic perspective.

  • And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression. (Qur’an, 5:2)

“Whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, while he is a believer — We will surely cause him to live a good life, and We will surely give them their reward [in the Hereafter] according to the best of what they used to do.” (Qur’an, 16:97)

Being a therapist or counsellor is a very praiseworthy profession because the whole profession is about helping others which is stressed and promoted in Islamic teachings.Since this is a profession where a person influences thoughts and behaviour of others, it is crucial for the therapists to have an authentic knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings, especially tawhid, which he will further pass on to the client in order to modify his way of thinking. And this is exactly what IOU’s Associate of Science in Psychology offers authentic Islamic knowledge and knowledge of psychology combined. This program can later be forwarded toward IOU’s degree in psychology.

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