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Flexible and Customized Study Plans

International Open University understands students’ needs and circumstances and wants to provide the best study guide possible; therefore Islamic Online University offers an organized and structured intensive Master of Arts degree (MAIS) flexible study plan. We want to see students not only graduate with our customized Islamic studies, but also benefit from the knowledge gained at IOU by passing it and sharing it with others and of course implement it throughout their lives.
With this goal in mind, we have prepared flexible and customized Islamic studies’ plans for our students to choose from. They are interchangeable each semester, meaning that if a student will choose one plan for particular semester, he/she is allowed to choose another plan for the following semester. The only obligatory requirement is that the student completes the entire program within a maximum period of six years.

SEMESTER PLAN 1: Regular/Normal semester study:

Students with normal circumstances take six courses each semester, which lasts for approximately five months. For each module, there is one recorded lecture by the instructor. There are also recorded supplementary sessions conducted by the tutorial assistants for each of the modules. It would be an ideal if a student following this plan devotes about four hours per week per subject — or at least three hours to go through the given materials. This requires eighteen to twenty-four hours per week of studying. This plan is beneficial to students who want to complete their degree in two years and who wish to gain knowledge in an organized and structured manner.

SEMESTER PLAN 2: Part time study:

Part-time students who are busy e.g. working, studying, married and are unable to devote time for regular study plan are permitted to take as few as one course per semester. Nevertheless, they will have to complete the entire program in a maximum of six years (12 semesters). Therefore, we recommend to a student choosing this plan to take three courses and devote nine to twelve hours per week to studying.
If, due to personal circumstances, a student is unable to take three courses and takes only one or two courses per semester, then he/she will have to take more courses in following semesters so that the entire program can be completed within six years. Even though there is an option to pause studies for a semester or two, we do not recommend it; rather suggest choosing the part time semester plan and continue to study at slower pace.

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