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The admissions application process consists of two steps, the first of which is to complete an online application. After submitting the application, the applicant must send all of the required documents to our admissions office by post. A scanned copy is accepted during the online application process to speed up the acceptance procedure, but the hard copy must be sent by regular mail.

Step One — The Online Application Process

Please use English only throughout the entire application process.

Please follow these steps to complete the online application


  1. Complete the electronic application form. You will be required to agree and sign our disclaimer. Check your email for a confirmation email and click on the link provided to activate your account. When completing the form, please be sure that you select the correct stream of study.
  2. Follow the link provided to upload a scan of the attested copy of your Graduation/Post graduation degree.
  3. Upload a color passport-sized photo.
  4. Upload a Photo ID scan (Passport/national ID card)
  5. Await the mail from the Registrar confirming acceptance into the IOU. This may take a few days.
  6. Upon receiving an acceptance email, proceed to pay the fees. Easy payment instructions will be sent with the acceptance email.
  7. After you have paid, you will be registered for the first semester.

Before you begin:

  • Have your personal information and the necessary scanned images ready
  • For creating the account use an email address that you check regularly. This email address will be used to send your account activation link and also for our regular correspondence with you throughout your studies. You might consider creating a new email address for the purpose of your study with the IOU

Step Two

send all of the required documents to our admissions office by post. Unattested certificates are accepted for registration, and the attested documents can be sent via airmail to the office of admissions before entering the FINAL SEMESTER of your studies. You will receive the details needed by email once you have finished the online application process.

NOTE: Attestation is a mandatory requirement to obtain the Bridge Diploma for MAIS, We therefore recommend that our students complete it well in advance to avoid any complications later.

Required Documents:

    • Attested photocopy of your Graduation/Post graduation or higher degree certificate.

Note: The Graduate / Post-Graduate Degree Certificate must be notarized by an authorized local notary public and it must be clearly shown on the scan sent to IOU.
The notarized copy of your document that you will post to our Admissions Office must itself bear the notary stamps and signatures. A photocopy of your notarized document is not acceptable to be sent to us by post.

Students are given adequate time, until the completion of the degree to submit the attested documents. However the attested documents must be submitted in order to receive the diploma.

  • A photocopy of Photo ID (e.g. passport). If you do not have a passport, you may submit any other official ID that has your photo on it (e.g., national Identity card, driving license, etc.)

NOTE: Please mention your IOU student ID on the back of your documents, such as certificates or photo ID for easier tracking and recognition.

The criteria for acceptance are


  1. Having completed graduation.
  2. The availability of a place in the semester chosen by the applicant.

The university is not obliged to accept all applicants.
Interested applicants are invited to contact the info desk officers by email at info@iou.edu.gm

Please click here to go to the online registration form

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