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Semester Registration Fees

Studying with the International Open University is affordable, and manageable. We are an institute that seeks its reward from Allah, and therefore do not charge tuition fees. There is just one modest fee that students pay per semester,a part-time semester registration fee that ranges from US $130 to US $310 and a full-time semester registration fee that ranges from US $200 to US $480 per semester based on the standard of living in the student’s country of residence.

Sliding Scale Fee structure ( Click here ).

The cost of an Islamic Online University BMARB program will be only a fraction of the cost of a comparable degree from a public university or other online universities, even for students who live in countries with a very low standard of living. 


Fees should be paid in US dollars. Please note that we should receive the complete amount. Therefore, when you make the payment, pay the currency transfer charges after confirming the exact amount from your bank, so that we receive the full amount due from you. For example, a student who has to pay US $120 might have to include a currency transfer charge of approximately US $20 so that we receive the full amount.

Payment Details and Procedures

Payments should not be made untill all registration procedures are complete and instructions to pay are given by the Registrar. The payment details for all countries can be found here.

Return Policy

Please note that fees paid to Islamic Online University for the Semester Registration is neither refundable nor transferable under any circumstances. This is due to the modest fee charged. 


If the student hasn’t enrolled in even one course after making the payment, then the fees of one semester will be transferred to the next semester for the same student.
If a student has paid Semester Registration fees in advance and has to pay for other services like Credits Transfer or Late Drop Charges then this advance payment may be used to cover those charges if the student so wishes.
One student’s fees will not be transferred to another student under any circumstances.

Students who pay for Accelerated Study Plan are responsible for their decision to choose it. The fees paid will be considered as the fees paid for one semester as per the plan of their choice and the entire amount will be applicable even if they later enroll in 6 or less courses.

Early Bird Discount

An Early Bird Discount of 10% for both new and continuing students of all paid diploma and degree programs on campus is available. 

To avail this discount, students must register for Fall 2019 semester before 31st August 2019. 

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