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IOU offers a B.Sc. IT degree and two alternative streams

(1) For those who do not have the minimum qualifications to gain access to the knowledge imparted in the B.Sc. degree
(2) For those who have the minimum qualifications, want access to the knowledge, but do not want to take the exams (i.e. they wish to audit the courses only).

For B.Sc. IT degree applicants

In order to be admitted to our accredited online Bachelor degree, the candidate must have completed high school.

The high school certificate/diploma is the credential awarded to a secondary school student who successfully completes high school level (approximately 12 years of study) .

Those who have completed further studies and have degrees beyond high school may submit those certificates if they no longer have their high school certificate with them.

For IOU IT Advanced diploma and IT audit courses applicants

No proof of prior educational qualification is required to enroll in our accredited online Diploma.

Those who do not meet our minimum requirements or possibly have no educational or provable educational qualification will receive an IOU advanced diploma upon completion of the entire program.

Those who wish to audit courses without taking exams will be issued a certificate of attendance upon completion of the whole course of study.

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