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Saminu Musa Ahmad

ASSALAMU ALAÄ°KUM I really appreciate your initiative and all those behind IOU. I make dua that Allah gives you courage and resources to continue.

Easmin Akter

Asalmu o alikum brothers and sisters Now I am proud to call myself Muslim. Allah gave me chance to learn about our beautiful Islam. ALLAH AKBAR! I'm going to try my best to be a good Muslim. Many thanks to Dr. Bilal Philips for this opportunity.

Aftab Alam

May Allah reward all the people who are working for this cause. I love Dr. Bilal Philips and ask Allah accept his efforts.

Hasan Abid

ALHAMDULIILLAH! My heart filled up with thankfulness to the IOU team and especially the founder, Shaykh Bilal Philips, who (with the help of Almighty Allah) made gaining authentic Islamic education within the comfort of home a reality!

Malick Jallow

I'm here to learn the deen of Islam and I hope you will help me and lead me to the right path. I praise Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, for leading me to this site.Jazaakumullahu khayran.

Muhammad Adnan

Salam alaikom. Special thanks to Dr. Bilal for his contributions and efforts to Islamic knowledge. 

Jasim Abdul Jalil

AsSalamu Alaykom. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Bilal Philips for such a platform. Jazak Allahu Khair . May Allah bless each and every person contributing to this university. May Allah bless all the students with knowlegde and lead us to straight path.

Ahmed Mohamed

Asalamu alaykum all my brothers and sisters. I am glad to join Islamic Online University.

Reis Mustefa

Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. It is necessary to know authentic knowledge about our religion, ISLAM. I like it and joined to learn about Islam. In sha Allaah, I hope to give service to all Muslims in the world. I recommend that every Muslim join now.

Yahaya Suleiman Salihu

Assalaamu alaikum. I just came to know about IOU last Saturday when Dr. Bilal Philips delivered a lecture in our mosque. I am very delighted to hear about this progress. I  would like to join the university and I invoke Allah to bless you. Ameen.


AsSalaam alaikom wa Rahmatullaah.

This is the first day that I saw this university online and directly decided to enroll. Barak Allahu feekum.



Salam alaykom brohters and sisters. Despite me being very busy at home, I am determined to complete my Islamic studies in sha Allah. I believe that correct knowledge will be my shield against innovation and misleading beliefs. May Allah guide us all.


Ever since I lost my mother 13 years ago, I've felt so lost. Now that I have Allah in my life things are starting to look better in my life: I have a beautiful wife and an amazing daughter. It's a bit hard finding a job, but I'll never give up my faith. 

Aashiq Hill

IOU is doing great work, walhamdulilah, spearheaded by Dr.Bilal. IOU is the cause for many individuals to access authentic Islamic knowledge in an academic environment and it is accredited, walhamdulilah. This coming from someone who teaches at IOU as well as being a student.

Jabeen Abbasi

I would like to say thank you to Dr. Bilal Philips for giving us the free opportunity to study Islam. I'm looking forward to start my BAIS with IOU and get more knowledge about my religion and spread its message to the Muslim umma here. Jazak Allah khair.