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Seven Gems

Seven Gems

Are you staring at the crossroads of life and are skeptical about your decisions? Do you want to be a leader but lack the much needed leadership qualities? Has repeated failures made your search for solutions look elusive?

Well, no more worries! Islamic Online University is here with a brand new course that will help transform your lives from mundane to extraordinary! Join us as we reveal secrets on how to achieve success that you’ve been always yearning for in your professional and personal lives-by combining the power of Islam with your hidden talents!

This course is power packed with 7 life-transforming sessions that will make your life take a splendid transformation with the will of Allah! You will unearth answers to the hidden barriers that stop you from achieving success on the personal and professional front.


What you will learn?

  1. Amazing Strategies and techniques to maximize your team performance
  2. Master your communication skills
  3. Explore ways to be a critical thinker
  4. Practical steps to be an effective parent
  5. Train yourself to embrace changes in life
  6. Develop exceptional habits that make you stand out from the crowd
  7. Master the ability to achieve private and public victories
  8. Face your failures and gain control over your life
  9. Excel in problem solving
  10. Learn how to choose your ideal spouse, and
  11. Develop a sharp sense of team organization to suit your company’s goal

What else do you get?

Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshops

  1. 10 Islamic Practices to Build Extraordinary Willpower $89.00 value
  2. The Prophet’s (pbuh) Method of Influencing Behavioral Change $75.00 Value

Consultation (for first 10 registrations only) 

  1. FREE Workplace Issues Consultation $99.00 Value
  2. One hour consultation via Skype; In-Person; Phone (depending on locality)
  • Attain a HARD COPY CERTIFICATE at the end for an additional nominal charge.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In case you cannot attend the live class, you can listen to the recordings, inshaAllah.

As long as you are breathing, Allah is giving you a chance to turn your life around. If you are reading this, it’s not by accident. Allah SWT wants you to read it and live the best life you deserve, Insha Allah.

The best investment is what you make in yourself. If you were to take any program online which has similar features, it will be nothing less than three times of what you have to pay here. Also, your payment will serve as a donation to promote IOU’s extremely noble cause. It’s just like having dual benefit with one payment – what more can we ask for?

Life will never give you enough time for doing something for YOURSELF. You have to take the time. If you try, you can find ample time to do it, Insha Allah (If you just can’t seem to find any time, you can hear the recording in the kitchen or while driving.)

These gems will add the ‘Islamic Sparkle’ to your life that has been missing all this while. Packed with 7 powerful sessions, you are in for a makeover that will change your perspective on life – forever! So, what are you waiting for? Hit the Register button now!!

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