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If you are facing challenges in getting people to listen to you, accept your advice, or just want a stress-free relationship (be it with your spouse, family or friends)... In other words, you are interested in getting better at influencing people to remove barriers from success, then wait no further.

IOU is delighted to announce that Muhammad Javed (Leadership Trainer and Founder of Muslim Launchpad Academy) will be conducting a free webinar in which you will discover three secrets to influencing people. Additionally, insight will also be given into how you can model the Greatest Leader, Rasoolullah (peace and blessings upon him), in influencing people. Click "Register Now" below to save your spot.

Secret #1 

  • The Biggest Mistake Working Professionals Make When Interacting With Their Boss or Spouse

Secret #2

  • How To Communicate With CONFIDENCE...
  • And Why Shyness Or Personality Type Is Irrelevant To Your Success At Work Or In Your Marriage

Secret #3

  • The Exact Feedback Strategy We Are Using To Give Advice That Motivates Your Spouse, Child, Boss or Colleague To Listen Without Lashing Back...
  • Plus, We'll Even Show You How Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Corrected Others' Mistakes With Amazing Results

When: 5pm (KSA) / 2pm (UTC), Wednesday, 14th Oct, 2020

Where: Online

Limitted Seating.

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