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An advanced 8-week course on the correct understanding of Islamic Aqeedah in Qadhaa' and Qadr will guide its participants to unlock the inner potential to accept Allah's Qadr with ease and understand how human free will works within the context of Divine Will.

Instructor: Sheikh Moutasem Al Hameedy

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Obtain a solid grasp of the structure and dynamics of Divine Decree (al-Qadar) which is of substantial spiritual and practical value. You will learn the following and much more - 

  • How to prepare for your future and who life planning works from a Qadar-based perspective?

  • How to understand adversity and challenges and how to respond to them?

  • How human free will functions within the context of the supreme divine will?

  • Understand the concepts of GOOD and EVIL and how they interplay in this world.

  • Understand the relationship between religious legislation, logical reasoning, and the Qadar. And uncover how they work in harmony and how to live life in harmony with them.

 And much more!

Our aim is to create a genuine communal learning experience. Our team will provide a common note sharing platform, an optional discussion forum, and access to the recordings, bi idhnillah. Students will have the opportunity to submit their questions and depending on the sessions, we will facilitate group interactive group discussions.